Precision planning

Designed by developers for developers. The Centreforge Core includes Bootstrap as a default styling base, and bridges the gap between WordPress components and Bootstrap styling.

Centreforge Core is a full core WordPress theme in active development. It is currently being modified to build more core functionality into the theme from a starting point. There is a road map for the development that will be published here once it gets a little more worked out.

Usage and Support docs are being finalized and will be published here upon completion.

We’re looking for feedback and beta testers, please let us know what you think or any problems you find.

Using WordPress as a CMS for your customers is Awesome.
The power, beauty, and extensibility of the code allows you to create without bounds.
Let our Centreforge Core theme get you started with a Bootstrap ready core that you
can build any site on top of.

Best of all, it’s Free.

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